A Shocking Confession of a Girl: I WATCH PORN


Should I be reluctant to let others use my computer because I know that pornhub will pop up as soon as they press p in the search bar on the internet?

Whelp, I’m not. I WATCH PORN. And Guess what: I bet you do too.

Even if it doesn’t turn you on, which I believe to be nearly impossible, it’s fucking eye catching. There’s no way that porn could be on in a room and someone could be naturally uninterested.

I’m no liar, and I have no shame. Porn turns me on. Even the stupidest schoolgirl or “omg, can I wash your car…naked” porn turns me on. Lesbian porn turns me on. Anything. I just love watching another girl get fucked.

Want to know my favorite? I think it’s called “Backroom Casting Couch”. Young girls come for an adult “audition” and have to do dirty things to get a job that doesn’t exist. I love it.

If you’re lucky, I’ll let you watch with me.

Got a problem? You probably fucking suck.