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Sleeping Beauty



A haunting and beautiful film, Sleeping Beauty is extremely symbolic and thought-provoking. For those of you who need something to think about- this is a great movie for you. 


Lucy is a beautiful girl with fair skin, going through the motions of life and working multiple jobs to make ends meet. 

She sees sex as a very casual thing, at one point stating that her “vagina is not a temple.” One night she even has men flip a coin to decide who will have sex with her and when. 

While she is not your typical damsel in distress who outwardly believes in true love, there are many parallels to the classic story of sleeping beauty. She is a woman who feels trapped and helpless, in need of her prince.

Lucy gets her hands on a job that she later realizes is sex work. Part of her job is to serve men in lingerie. The other part is to take sleep-inducing drugs so that men may do what they wish with her while she is asleep, and she will have no recollection of the events. Her employers called Lucy Sara. 

Although she is literally sleeping at her new job, it seems that she is sleeping throughout the entire story. She has no passions for her jobs, her schooling, or anyone in her life except for a close friend.

Her friend mentions that he once wished to kiss her. Perhaps that would have been the kiss from prince charming that would save her. However, he did not have the time. She asked him to marry her to which he agreed, but overdosed shortly after.

At his funeral she saw a man who she knew years ago. She asked him to marry her as well, but his response was not as favorable. He became enraged and explained that she had her chance years ago. “I can’t believe you. I don’t believe you. You don’t believe you.” 

There were three men who paid to be with her while she slept, all probably in their mid 60’s. Each were told that “there is no shame. No one can see you.” 

  • The first man only wanted to caress and lie next to Sara. Prior to Sara’s supervisor’s departure, he gave a thoughtful speech. He read a short story that read “rise up and walk, none of your bones are broken.” He said that he carried on beautifully. That he and his wife were the perfect couple, but he did not cherish her, his friends, or his children. His wife is now dead. That night he confided that  “I continued on, but with each step I cringed. Tonight, for the first time I say, my bones are broken. All of my bones are broken.”


  • The second man was vulgar and rough. His response to the request of no penetration was “The only way I can get a hard on is if I take a ton of Viagra and a beautiful woman sticks two fingers up my ass. I’m the one who needs to be penetrated.” He proceeded to lick Sara and burn her with a cigarette. 
  • Very little information was shared about the third man. The only thing he did was pick up Sara and toss her around. He got her on the floor, but then struggled to get her back on the bed. 

Sara became curious as to what went on while she slept. She begged to know, but her supervisor told her that she could not expose her clients. 

The first man came back and requested that he take the same drugs as Sara. Her supervisor gave him a lethal dose. Sara slept as the man died next to her. 

When the supervisor came back, the man was dead and she could not wake up Sara. She began to panic and gave Sara mouth to mouth- a kiss- which awoke her. 

When Sara awoke, she once again became Lucy. She began to scream and cry when she realized her surroundings. The one who’s kiss awoke her from her sleep was not prince charming, it was one who was whoring her out to an old, dead man. 

This stark realization finally brought emotion out of Lucy, which was not seen until this point in the movie. 

There was a ton of symbolism, foreshadowing, and of course, allusions in this film. Literature bugs, you’ll love it. 


A Shocking Confession of a Girl: I WATCH PORN


Should I be reluctant to let others use my computer because I know that pornhub will pop up as soon as they press p in the search bar on the internet?

Whelp, I’m not. I WATCH PORN. And Guess what: I bet you do too.

Even if it doesn’t turn you on, which I believe to be nearly impossible, it’s fucking eye catching. There’s no way that porn could be on in a room and someone could be naturally uninterested.

I’m no liar, and I have no shame. Porn turns me on. Even the stupidest schoolgirl or “omg, can I wash your car…naked” porn turns me on. Lesbian porn turns me on. Anything. I just love watching another girl get fucked.

Want to know my favorite? I think it’s called “Backroom Casting Couch”. Young girls come for an adult “audition” and have to do dirty things to get a job that doesn’t exist. I love it.

If you’re lucky, I’ll let you watch with me.

Got a problem? You probably fucking suck.


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