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A Letter to a Big Fucking Douchebag


Dear Travis,

Congratulations, you’ve won. You’ve successfully made two girls at the same time like you enough to really want to be in a relationship.

You’re hot, charming, and have a talent for deception….

but here are many reasons why FUCK YOU.

  1. I originally only wanted a casual sex relationship with you but you HAD to reel me in and make me like you.
  2. You constantly said “you’re all mine, right?”. YEAH DICK HEAD. I WAS ALL YOURS, BUT YOU SURE AS HELL WEREN’T ALL MINE.
  3. Your god damn obsession with body shots. Image
  4. Just your job in general.
  5. You added my mom on Facebook and TWO DAYS AGO told her that you and I would take a trip to visit her soon.
  6. You tell everyone about the time I threw up in your car.
  7. You told me how much you liked me, and I believed it.
  8. All the times we spent on my balcony. You made me accustomed to sitting on your lap and talking while you have a cigarette. I hate you for that. Image
  9. You left your smell on my bed.
  10. You left your bathing suit and a pair of underwear at my house.
  11. Your dick was so big that it hurt at first…but I’ll probably have no luck finding another one like it.
  12. You had me hoping that you would be MY boyfriend.
  13. Any time I doubted you, you asked me why I didn’t trust you and that you really liked me. Yeah, fuck you.
  14. You don’t let me get a word in when we’re in an argument
  15. When you don’t like something I say you ignore it.
  16. You’re immature, because you got into another relationship with someone after you called me LAST NIGHT and didn’t have the balls to tell me about it.
  17. She is gorgeous and seems really nice. You don’t deserve her.
  18. We seemed so perfect together.
  19. All my friends told me so.
  20. Your obsession with selfies and the fact that I caught you in my bathroom doing this Image
  21. Your perfect, soft kisses.
  22. The way you made it seem like I was special and you wanted to spend time with me.
  23. The number of times you lied to my face. “You’re the only one i’ve had any sexual contact with or interest in since I started hanging out with you.” Yeah right.
  24. You have a girlfriend, and it’s not me.
  25. All your promises/lies.
  26. The fact that you don’t even seem like you feel bad about hurting me so much.
  27. The sadness makes me want drugs and tequila.
  28. You made my life so much happier…
  29. ..and now this is what I look like. Image

That One Time I saw what “Normal” Looked like.



I used to think the abnormality of my family was pretty normal. I mean, parents getting separated is pretty common, and I’m doing alright. I go to an awesome university and have friends and everything like that. I’m definitely no outcast of society. Maybe not everyone’s dad solicit sex online while their mom is going through chemo, but who cares. 

It also may not be totally normal to go to drug rehab at 16…but everyone has their quirks, right? 

That’s what I thought up until I met my boyfriend in my freshman year of college. 

His parents just threw down the 50 grand a year for his schooling. No scholarship, no financial aid, nothing. As I got to know him more and more, I began to realize that his family was a typical well-to-do American family, straight out of a movie. 

He was good looking, as was his entire family. He opened doors for me and always paid. “There must be something wrong with this guy,” I thought. 

There wasn’t. 

Every time he went home there were a plethora of happy looking family pictures posted all over Facebook. That was when I realized that I didn’t have a single family picture. 

My boyfriend was aghast any time I brought up a negative about my life. Separated parents? Drugs? Low on money? Shocking. 

This prompted me to stop telling him things like that. I became outwardly “normal”, and we were a perfect “normal” couple. 

He began to invite me to go to Philadelphia and meet his family, a thought that put knots in my stomach and brought me to the realization that I wasn’t quite being myself. 

There were so many levels that we didn’t connect on. I have to take pills to get to sleep every night, and the only thing he gets nervous about is passing his chemistry test so that he can eventually take over his dad’s successful business. 

He was an amazing boyfriend…such a sweetheart; but our relationship started falling apart toward the end of the school year when I wouldn’t agree to go meet his family. 

He broke up with me a few days before he moved back home for the summer. He felt like I was keeping things from him, and I was. 

I still look through his family pictures that are posted every now and then, but I think I’m happy that my life hasn’t been that normal. If it was, I wouldn’t be me. 

I’ll post later about why I started thinking about this. Good story. 

My Crew



Ain’t nobody fresher than my mothafuckin clique. 

These are the people who keep me going. We call ourselves “Us”. There’s really no other way to describe us; we’re a package deal. We are us. 

From left to right: 

  • Steidl: The one I feel most comfortable sharing my stories of promiscuity with because she’s done so many of the same things. She’s graduated and back up north now, and on our last night out we all cried hysterically over a pitcher of beer at our favorite bar. What a shitshow. 
  • Lexi: My BFF. We’ve known each other since the sixth grade and I’ve lived with her for two years. Sometimes people aren’t sure if we’re best friends or in a relationship…but we don’t care. We love each other. Despite her occasional judging face, I tell her everything because I know it will spill eventually. We do everything together. 
  • I’m the one with the demon eyes in the center. 
  • Rebecca: I can always count on her to look out for me and my best interest. She has the ultimate bitch face and we all love her for it. I love her little Hispanic quirks like when she says “Let’s get down from the car.” Another great part of Rebecca is that she found herself sleeping in the Freshman dorms as a Senior. 
  • Alex: The token hot asian betch. I always go to her with my boy problems, and really anything that I would normally keep from others. She has a boyfriend who we all love. They’re inseparable and it’s great. She sometimes disappears at night but we’re all convinced that she’s smoked too much weed and lost her phone. 
  • Not pictured- Hannah: I know her the least but she’s my awesome jappy friend. She would be between me and Lexi in this photo (yes, we ordered ourselves by hair color deal with it). 

I’ve met other amazing friends in college but these are my ride or die bitches: my crew. Mess with one and you mess with all. Have sex with one and we’ll all know how big your dick is….sorry.