Daddy Issues?

by amanda



I love my dad. I tell him everything and we’ve gotten very close as I’ve gotten older. However, a comment one of my sexual partners once made to me caused me to reconsider my relationship with my dad. 

After telling him a story he said “Wow, it seems like I only hook up with girls with daddy issues…what does that say about me?” 

Daddy issues? 

So here’s the long story short:

My mom has stage IV breast cancer…the terminal kind. While she underwent chemotherapy my dad found one…or ten women to sleep with online. He ended up dating one. My mom found out and obviously flipped out so on top of her being extremely sick we had to deal with a nasty separation. 

Plus, I learned way too much about my dad’s sex life. Ew. 

My parents have never really “liked” each other, but they’ve always loved me. My dad wasn’t always super present, but when he was he made it count. There was some toxicity and other incidents of cheating but I always felt like that was between my mom and dad. 

Anyway, this guy- we’ll call him Eric- is a major dbag. He treats girls like shit, is way older that any girl he gets with, and is always drugged up. Eric says that all girls with these said “daddy issues” are the same. We’re a little promiscuous, a little freaky, and even less into a relationship than he is. We just want to please. 

Everyone who I actually have dated has ended up treating me horribly, and I feed off of it. My psychiatrist wants to put me in therapy solely because of my destructive relationship patterns. When trying to find the root of the issue, her sights were immediately set on my dad. 

Am I THAT girl with “daddy issues”?