Gold Digging

by amanda


South Beach, Miami is a haven for rich men and hot women…a gold digger’s paradise. Despite being 19 I go to South Beach clubs every now and then. Liv, Mansion, Bamboo, and even Rokbar are some fun ones. 

Last time I went to South Beach I met a guy who seemed to have unlimited funds. He bought my friends and I a round of drinks (if you’ve ever been to South Beach, you know that just one drink can cost you around $30). 

He asked for my number and I agreed, simply because he had put down so much money just to impress me. He continuously has asked me on dates to lavish places but I have always made up an excuse as to why that night was no good. 

Recently, he told me he was in New York and wanted me to come “hang out.” To me, an impromptu trip to New York to see someone I hardly know seemed ridiculous. 

He asked me if I had ever heard of The Plaza hotel. Hello, Eloise??? Of course I have heard of The Plaza! Staying there is a dream of mine and he’s in the Gatsby Suite. He told me he would fly me to New York and that I could stay with him. 

As a non-multi-millionaire, I had to work. As a non-idiot, I wasn’t about to go stay in a hotel with a stranger. He could like, kill me or something. However, The Plaza in the heart of New York City would be so amazing!

He then said when he came back to Miami and take me on dates with a limo service so that we could drink and neither of us would have to drive. I guess this guy has never heard of a cab. 

Then, if I felt comfortable with him he would take me to Los Angeles the next week. 

He said he’s thought I was very beautiful since the day he met me and that he wants to spend time with me. Maybe he’s so wealthy that such extravagant purchases for women are commonplace for him.

 Having a sugar daddy has definitely crossed my mind from time to time. Now that it’s in my lap, I feel a bit weird about it. It almost seems dirty to use someone in such a way, especially if he expects sex in return.

I’ve never had the opportunity to travel and have only been to three states in my entire life. Money has always been an issue. Now, this guy swoops in and wants to transform me into a globe trotter. 

Can this be worth it?