Said the Lover to the Fighter

by amanda

Please look at me. Why don’t you respond to my touch anymore? Why have you grown so cold? I’m not afraid. Your fist might put a hole in the wall inches from my head but I know you couldn’t bring yourself to hurt me. Put me in a ditch and cover me with dirt. I’ll dig myself out and come back; hoping you have calmed down and will accept my touch, or at least look me in the eye.

Look at me. Are you afraid to lose the one sided fight? I’d like to think that if you would just look at me, that the fight would disappear and there would only be love.

But fighters are more resilient than lovers. If a fighter is broken he will heal; if a lover is broken he can be patched up, but never truly the same.

I guess the fighter wins the fight by default, because he is the only one fighting.