My Life in Sex and the City

by amanda


My Life in Sex and the City

Every girl and her friends compare themselves to Sex and the City women, and respectively match each friend to a certain character. I’ve come to realize that I’ve been matched to every single character throughout my life. When I was young at at the age where none of us really knew about the person we would become, I was always Charlotte by default; the token brunette. As I began to find myself, a sense of style, and what I liked Carrie was my go to girl….the whole blogging thing makes that one pretty obvious.
Then, I decided that I wanted to pursue law in the future. It was around that time when a nightmare came true, and I was the Miranda in my group of friends….the BLAH in the group. When I came to terms with this I saw it as a belief that I would find independence and success in the future.
Now, whenever my friends have the Sex and the City conversation (which yes, in girl world happens pretty frequently), I’m Samantha without second thought. It was only within the past year that I began truly appreciating sex and making it a hobby, if you will. When I’m asked about my talents my mind immediately goes to blow jobs and I’m all too comfortable with detailing an encounter with a huge monster dick at a normal volume in public places.
I can’t help but wonder what the future will hold for me, in terms of Sex and the City characters, of course.