The Benefits of Sleeping Around

by amanda

  1. Having sex with a new person for the first time is the most exciting thing in the entire world.
  2. There are too many attractive people to choose just one.
  3. No attachments; no sadness when the “relationship” is over
  4. Different flavors every night.
  5. All men like different things. It lets you expand your talents.
  6. Multiple men worshiping your body is a great confidence boost.
  7. You always have the upper hand. I don’t need you. Get in line, buddy.
  8. There’s always an opportunity to wear sexy lingerie.
  9. You release endorphins during sex. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t kill their husbands!
  10. Shacker shirts. I love sneaking away with a new frat shirt. My collection is quite impressive.
  11. People might judge you, but you know they’ll eventually get bored of having sex with their boyfriend.
  12. You’ll get it out of your system before you find “the one”.

Everyone eventually has a slut stage. If you don’t, you’re no fun and you fucking suck. Live a little.